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Periodic CPC

Periodic training is undertaken by anyone who is considered to have acquired rights (i.e. held a 7.5 tonne, class 2 or class 1 licence prior to 9th September 2009 or held a PCV licence prior to 9th September 2008) OR who has previously undertaken the Initial CPC and now requires the 35 hours (five days) Periodic Training every five years thereafter.

If you passed your car test before January 1997 this generally entitled you to drive 7.5 tonne vehicles (Cat C1). Candidates with a C1 entitlement pre 9th September 2009 attend Periodic Training on acquired rights, even though they have never passed a vocational driving test as the right to drive 7.5 tonne vehicles counts as a vocational entitlement.

If a driver holds a vocational licence for buses and coaches as well as lorries, they only need to do one set of periodic training.

Enterprise offer 5 informative modules designed to give candidates a thorough understanding of the role and responsibilities of the professional driver.

In ‘normal times’ these courses are held regularly at our 19 training centres across the UK and cost £65 per day inc VAT and Upload Fees.

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website – Enterprise Course Booking.